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06 April 2008 @ 07:12 pm
I am currently organising a Charity Fashion Swap to be held on Saturday April 12th at St Lucia from 2pm.
If anyone is interested, I would love to not only hold a Knittee meet-up there, but search for volunteers who would like to offer their basic teaching skills for guests to the event.

It is very casual and we are not expecting a large crowd at all. If you are interested, please contact me ASAP. I will be posting more information about the event as it arises for anyone interested.
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12 February 2008 @ 03:45 pm
Name: Betsy (betsybookworm on Ravelry)
Age: 20
Crafts of choice: Knitting, spinning, tatting. I've been known to dabble in weaving, sewing, needle felting, and random papercrafts.
Years spent crafting: Don't know. 20, most likely. Maybe 18-19...
Projects currently working on: Knitted shawl. So close to being done, haven't touched it for nearly a month.
Favourite resources: Other knitters. Google. Knitty. Ravelry.
Favourite things to create: Little things! Presents for people.

It's nice to be here, and I look forward to meeting you!
26 January 2008 @ 10:26 pm

Current Location: Brisbane, Australia
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28 January 2008 @ 09:59 pm
Name: Ronnie
Age: 28
Crafts of choice: Knitting, Sewing, Embroidery
Years spent crafting: aprox. 23
Projects currently working on: None at the moment, but a few things in the planning stage
Favourite resources: sublime stitching for interesting embroidery patters, craftster
Favourite things to create: anything! Although knitting wise I seem to stick to scarves and bags...

I've been wanting to do more crafty things, but haven't had a lot of time in recent years, but I'm about to make a career change and head back to uni this year, so I hope to have more time to spend on crafty things.
28 January 2008 @ 01:44 pm
Name: cAt
Age: 31
Crafts of choice: Anything I find interesting at the time (I collect hobbies like a magpie), but in terms of knitting etc I knit and crochet
Years spent crafting: All my life, really. I learned to knit and crochet around the age of 6 or so. Yay for Nanas.
Projects currently working on: A Hawthorn guernsey for my son, who's 7 months old. My husband is a rabid AFL fan and wanted our son to be able to dress up like Daddy for matches.
Favourite resources: KnittingHelp.com
Favourite things to create: Currently, baby clothing etc tops the list.
27 January 2008 @ 04:22 pm
Name: Nikki, I'm willow22 on Ravelry
Age: 20
Years spent knitting and/or crocheting: Just been knitting since December 2006
Projects currently working on: Fetching from Knitty :D
Favourite resources: This community! And Knitty and Knittinghelp.com of course.
Favourite things to create: Little whimses like hats and armwarmers. I've not yet tackled sock knitting yet.
Current Location: Brisbane, Australia
Current Mood: creativecreative